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Double the trouble means double the fun

1000 ways to enjoy the Weasley twins.
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Welcome to all those who love the Weasely twins. This community was set up thanks to a wonderful idea started by mynuet at 1000ways. In the aftermath of all the post-HBP wank she decided we needed to share the love for all Harry Potter ships and characters regardless of their cannon-ness.

A quote from her...Focus on what we love.

There's millions of people who've read the HP books, and most of them aren't in fandom. Thus, there's a reason why we do this other than just love of the original books, and so why don't we explore it, celebrate it, and return to just having a good time, all in our own little playgrounds? And so, here's the idea...

So this is the place to play with the twins. *grins*

The prupose of this community is to show 1000 ways we love the twins - Fred and George Weasley. This is to be done by

1 - 100 LJ icons
2 - 100 AIM icons
3 - 100 Drabbles (100 words)
4 - 100 Ficlets (500+ words)
5 - 100 Fanarts
6 - 100 Squees (things you like about the pairing or character)
7 - 100 Things That Must Be Read (fic recs)
8 - 100 Nice Things About the Fandom (communities, websites, etc.)
9 - 100 Kisses to Remember (in this category, existing ficbits or artwork featuring kisses can be posted, or original stuff as in the other categories)
10 - 100 Things That Remind You of Your Ship (songs, movies, symbols, etc.)

There are rules. Even though the twins fail to recognize them it is necessary that we do, or else. ( As of right now I can't think of a good threat but there will be one forthcoming. )

-Any ship is welcome, however, there will be no Weasleycest.
-Use good spelling and grammar. No Netspeak PLEASE.
-Use lj cuts. Post warnings as to content. i.e. Spoilers, ratings etc.
-No bashing - PLAY NICE!

For fics and drabbles:
Subject Line and Header:
- Title
- Word Count
- Characters
- Notes (Here is where to put your warnings and any Author's Notes)

For Artwork:
Art posts should be placed under a cut and should have the following header:
- Title (or description)
- Characters
- Challenge
- Notes (Here is where to put your warnings and any Author's Notes)

Fic recs:
-Please include a link
-Make sure to tell us why you this is a must read.

-Any icons posted here will be up for sharing
-If you take an icon you MUST credit the creator
-NO hotlinking- if you take download it to your own computer

Any questions or comments feel free to email the mod absolut_jmo.